Campaign Issues

What are the most important and pressing issues facing that district and what do you propose to do about it?

I believe that quality of life…code enforcement, public safety and animal control should be our primary focus. This does not diminish the need for economic development throughout District 4 and all Southern Dallas. Resolving these issues will lead us on a path to cleaner and safer neighborhoods; communities that are attractive to young couples, families with children, businesses and developers.

I will work to ensure that the necessary funding and the engagement of the City Manager and City staff are vital among our shared priorities. Additionally, I will work to educate the City Manager and staff on the needs of District 4 residents and work on a path toward resolving these issues.


In terms of your qualifications for office, what would say they are? Do you have any political experience? What makes you the right candidate to fill this seat? It’s a very crowded field in this special election.

In the political climate that we are in, experience is relative. Having more than 20 plus years of city government experience, it is clear I have an advantage over the other candidates for District 4. This advantage lends to a shorter learning curve. I have had the responsibility of program budgets over $20M, preparing City Council briefings, preparing mayor and council speaking notes, as well as responding to citizen comments, questions and complaints. Being in the City Hall environment certainly has its advantages, and my aim is to leverage my experience for the benefit of my constituency.


How would you reach out to the community to see what they would like done?

I think the residents of District 4 deserve a right to be heard, listened to and responded to. The community is my number one concern. I will reach out in many ways; for example, by conducting one-on-one meetings with community leaders and stakeholders, town hall meetings, neighborhood/homeowner association meetings and even social media. Just being accessible to the people in the community will solve a myriad of issues.


Over the years we have unfortunately had our fair share of corruption in the Southern sector and other places as well. What are your thoughts on that and how would you ensure it doesn’t happen in District 4?

District 4 deserves someone that can be trusted. I believe that integrity is imperative. In my previous positions and my current position and as a licensed real estate agent, there is a requirement to uphold certain standards, to ensure that fiduciary responsibility is upheld. Failure to maintain transparency, honesty and integrity is not an option.

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